Western gyaru magazine

We want to create an online magazine for the western GaLS/ Gyaru's.

What will be in it?

♥ Latest trends
♥ New items
♥ Adds
♥ Columns
♥ Photo's
♥ Shoots
♥ Gyaru orientated articles
♥ Japanese Music
♥ And more...

Ofcourse we don't know whether an issue will be provided every month etc. However, the first issue is planned for November 1st.

First of all I want to know whether GaLS like this idea, and even more important!
Are there gals who are interested to participate in this project??

What do we need//want?
♥ Columnists (max.
5 so people can switch with each other)
♥ Photo's!! (everyone can send in their crazy ass gal photo's like in EGG!!)
♥ Article writers (max.
15 people)
♥ Cover Models (Everyone can apply, it's not a pre to wear clothes from Shibuya Fashion, but ofcourse it is nice, BUT not neccessairy)
♥ Advertisers (For now, it is free, if this project goes the way we want, a small fee will be added, but not much!!)
♥ Critics/ Reviewers
♥ Anything else you can think of is welcome!!

The magazine will be able in a pdf file and will be made available to download for everybody!!

So... you're interested?? Send me an email to: info@shibuya-fashion.net

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Cutest make ever!

When I was at Mitsuwa the other day I came across this makeup line and it is soooooooooooo cute!!!! It's called Bihada Ichizoku (beautiful skin family) and it has it's manga to go along with the line and soon a T.V. show on the anime network! I am going to try out some of their stuff on pay day tomorrow and I will probably post what I think of it ^-^

Has anyone else tried it?

Their Main Site

♥ Shawnee

P.S. X-Posted on a ton of gyaru communities.

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I make books. They come in a number of colors and patterns. Current book salesCollapse )

I also do custom orders. Pricing is as follows:

Small books: US$1 + S&H, 4 for US$3+S&H

Small CUSTOM books: US$1.50+S&H, 4 for US$5+S&H

Medium books: US$2+S&H, 4 for US$7+S&H

Medium CUSTOM books: US$2.50+S&H, 4 for US$9+S&H

Small books are around 1.5"W x 2"H.

Medium books are around 2.5"W x 4"H.

Contact me HERE at iarecatt@yahoo.com if you'd like to buy! Put "BOOKS" in the subject line. Make sure you give me your ZIP code so I can determine the shipping cost. For custom orders, please add what colors/ designs you want for the following:
outer cover, inner cover, page color, and line color. All books are also available without lines.

I will contact you with an invoice soon after you e-mail me. Shipping and Handling is determined by the USPS cost of shipment to your zip code. Transactions are done through Paypal. I will contact you when the order is sent.


Disneyland anyone?

I was wondering if any of you gals are pass holders and would like to start a little group of Disney goers?

We could go when it's not so packed, dress up, hang out, and buy all the cutest things there!

Let me know if you are interested!

♥ Shawnee
geisha back

Egg magazines for sale!!!!

I am selling 4 April issues and 1 March issue of Egg magazine.

Magazines include:
♥ Makeup Tips
♥ Cutting Edge Japanese Fashion
♥ The most famous gyaru models!
♥ and much more!

This is one of Japan's number 1 fashion magazines with the hottest trends of the streets of Shibuya!

Go check out my auctions bidding starts at $5.00 + s&h!!!!! Get them before they are gone!!!!


♥ Shawnee

Because I'm tired of the noobs.....


asking a lot of questions and not really doing any research themselves... I've created this journal.  I have the substyles of GAL already written and completed am in the process of  completing a bunch more topics (like parapara, hair and make help, and bunches more).  
if you're a newbie, go check it out.  if you're a well educated in the styles, check it out and help me to make it better.  just click my name.
sorry if this isn't allowed and sorry if you're seeing it in the other GAL comms.