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Western gyaru magazine 
05:41pm 10/09/2008
  We want to create an online magazine for the western GaLS/ Gyaru's.

What will be in it?

♥ Latest trends
♥ New items
♥ Adds
♥ Columns
♥ Photo's
♥ Shoots
♥ Gyaru orientated articles
♥ Japanese Music
♥ And more...

Ofcourse we don't know whether an issue will be provided every month etc. However, the first issue is planned for November 1st.

First of all I want to know whether GaLS like this idea, and even more important!
Are there gals who are interested to participate in this project??

What do we need//want?
♥ Columnists (max.
5 so people can switch with each other)
♥ Photo's!! (everyone can send in their crazy ass gal photo's like in EGG!!)
♥ Article writers (max.
15 people)
♥ Cover Models (Everyone can apply, it's not a pre to wear clothes from Shibuya Fashion, but ofcourse it is nice, BUT not neccessairy)
♥ Advertisers (For now, it is free, if this project goes the way we want, a small fee will be added, but not much!!)
♥ Critics/ Reviewers
♥ Anything else you can think of is welcome!!

The magazine will be able in a pdf file and will be made available to download for everybody!!

So... you're interested?? Send me an email to: info@shibuya-fashion.net

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Cutest make ever! 
03:07pm 10/07/2008

When I was at Mitsuwa the other day I came across this makeup line and it is soooooooooooo cute!!!! It's called Bihada Ichizoku (beautiful skin family) and it has it's manga to go along with the line and soon a T.V. show on the anime network! I am going to try out some of their stuff on pay day tomorrow and I will probably post what I think of it ^-^

Has anyone else tried it?

Their Main Site

♥ Shawnee

P.S. X-Posted on a ton of gyaru communities.
10:47am 09/07/2008


I make books. They come in a number of colors and patterns. Current book salesCollapse )

I also do custom orders. Pricing is as follows:

Small books: US$1 + S&H, 4 for US$3+S&H

Small CUSTOM books: US$1.50+S&H, 4 for US$5+S&H

Medium books: US$2+S&H, 4 for US$7+S&H

Medium CUSTOM books: US$2.50+S&H, 4 for US$9+S&H

Small books are around 1.5"W x 2"H.

Medium books are around 2.5"W x 4"H.

Contact me HERE at iarecatt@yahoo.com if you'd like to buy! Put "BOOKS" in the subject line. Make sure you give me your ZIP code so I can determine the shipping cost. For custom orders, please add what colors/ designs you want for the following:
outer cover, inner cover, page color, and line color. All books are also available without lines.

I will contact you with an invoice soon after you e-mail me. Shipping and Handling is determined by the USPS cost of shipment to your zip code. Transactions are done through Paypal. I will contact you when the order is sent.

Disneyland anyone? 
09:24pm 08/07/2008
  I was wondering if any of you gals are pass holders and would like to start a little group of Disney goers?

We could go when it's not so packed, dress up, hang out, and buy all the cutest things there!

Let me know if you are interested!

♥ Shawnee
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Egg magazines for sale!!!! 
06:56pm 01/07/2008

I am selling 4 April issues and 1 March issue of Egg magazine.

Magazines include:
♥ Makeup Tips
♥ Cutting Edge Japanese Fashion
♥ The most famous gyaru models!
♥ and much more!

This is one of Japan's number 1 fashion magazines with the hottest trends of the streets of Shibuya!

Go check out my auctions bidding starts at $5.00 + s&h!!!!! Get them before they are gone!!!!


♥ Shawnee
ALBA ROSA SALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
09:57pm 02/06/2008

Alba rosa cap 30$. shipping included

Alba rosa sweater 32$. shipping included

Only accept paypal! ^_^

disney decor tapes and notebook sale 
04:53pm 02/03/2008
  hi guys! first time posting! i have a few disney things for sale. please come and take a look!

Disney Decor Tape $1 each
IMG_0167.jpg picture by yukishop08 IMG_0169.jpg picture by yukishop08
I have other non disney items at my store as well! Please come and take a look if you are interested! Thanks! yukishop08
06:41pm 25/02/2008

New GYARU communities:

GETOFFGYARU (similar to GETOFFEGL and GETOFFLJ) - http://community.livejournal.com/getoffgyaru/profile

GYARU WANK (similar to LOLITA_WANK) - http://community.livejournal.com/gyaru_wank/profile

JESUS DIAMANTE COMMUNITY (HIMEGYARU BRAND) - http://community.livejournal.com/j_diamante/profile 

11:57am 21/02/2008

Buy and sell gyaru and gyaru-related items.



Because I'm tired of the noobs..... 
07:28pm 29/10/2007

asking a lot of questions and not really doing any research themselves... I've created this journal.  I have the substyles of GAL already written and completed am in the process of  completing a bunch more topics (like parapara, hair and make help, and bunches more).  
if you're a newbie, go check it out.  if you're a well educated in the styles, check it out and help me to make it better.  just click my name.
sorry if this isn't allowed and sorry if you're seeing it in the other GAL comms.

Check It Out Gals! 
01:09pm 04/02/2007
  I am gettin rid of alot of my older gal apparal. Including a few of my Alba Rosa bags...ya know the one that closed down almost two years ago and is super rare and hard to find. I still love it but this sentaa gai is poor and needs money. -__- Everything is in brand new or mint condition. Take a look at what I have to offer, your help would be appreciated. Thanks! :)

Huge Black Alba Rosa Tote Bag with Bubble Hibiscus

Red and Brown Leather Alba Rosa Tote Bag

Small Brown Alba Rosa Purse

Large Black Me Jane Tote Bag

Tan 100% Genuine Leather w/ White Fur and Solid Gold Accents Purse Bag
Newbie ^-^" 
05:43pm 23/01/2007
I'm new to this community, so I really don't know what to say in the first post except of introducing myself:
My name is Nina, I'm 18 years old and from Germany.
I'm fascinated by Japanese culture, Gals in particular ^_~
Since I was little, I loved to watch the Disney's princesses movie and I still love them <3 My favourite Disney character is Cinderella <3 Alothough I like the other princessess, too ^_~
So I joined this community because here are people with the same interests <3
Cheers and stay sexy~ <3
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{Cinderella and Mulan Icons} 
03:13pm 18/01/2007
  {25 Disney's Mulan Icons}

Who is that girl I see?

{40 Disney's Cinderella Icons}

My heart has wings, and I can FLY
09:40pm 31/07/2003
  137 new icons updated on my journal from which there are a few disney icons ^_^

Snow White- (3)
Sleeping Beauty- (3)
Beauty and the Beast- (11)
nightmare before christmas-(1)
Mulan 1 and 2- (23)
disney Fairies- (4)
hunchback of Notre Dam- (1)
Fushigi yuugi- (7)
lilo and stitch- (1)

****(((NEW ICONS)))****
06:51pm 10/09/2006
  HEY ALL! I'm having a GYARU STYLE back-to-school sale! These are all items from the store I work at, so I didn't really get them for cheap... I'm selling them a little above normal price just because all shipping is included! Please cheack it out! ALOT of princess and Tinkerbell stuff plus gyaru Hello Kitty and imported San-x items for school!

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Little Mermaid bases 
09:13pm 05/08/2006
  this is my second post for the movie. the first post can be found here. i also threw in some bases of the scene on the boat because its one of my favorites!

Movie: The Little Mermaid
Scene Preference: Fight between Ariel, Eric, & Ursula
37 bases below


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Somebody's got to nail that girl's fins to the floor.
08:12am 08/06/2006

on the link above is my new batch of icons including loads of disney ^_________^

you can check out all my icons here in general if you wanna
{SALE} Ganguro!Cheki 
02:03pm 19/05/2006
mood: cheerful

Elegance and Wild Style mix, together, for a lovely explosion of GANGURO style! This is the perfect example of how diverse the style is.
You can have bright-colored, childrens characters on while you play in the sun, today, and tomorrow, ladylike earrings to shimmer by candlelight.
Manba? YES! Hime-gyaru? YES!
Pick a style, or pick both. Buy one or all! These items can be the appetizer that brings everyone in to drool over the rest of your look.

Oh, do hurry! This auction ends MONDAY!! At that time, I will pass them to beautiful people that live in my city.
Oh, but none of them are as beautiful as you. That bone-structure! Those eyes! That come-hither stare!!! You make my heart flutter, baby. You deserve these things. Not them.
Psshaw on them. They are not a sexy princess, like you.

Your majesty, your links:

Oh, and, hey:
While I was being serious about giving them away if they don't sell. ((I'm not gonna pay Ebay a billion times for something that won't sell!)) I must say that if you buy these items, there will be more pooh accessories and earrings available. I ordered "samples", this time, but I can get Lots, in the future. I will NOT, however, get more than three of anything I sell. I want my customers to be original as well as beautiful. You deserve it, I think! ^.^

x-posted to other communities that allow auctions of this sort

03:27pm 21/01/2006
mood: cheerful
Hi! My name is Ariell! I'm new to Disney Gyaru! I just became interested in this part of gyaru recently, so I joined to learn more. Well my favorite characters are Ariel (of course), Marie, Pooh, Donald Duck, and Alice...but all the movies are good:/ My favorite movie has to be Pocahontas (however you spell it>_<). Anyways, hi everyone! Is this group still active?
J FASHION MAGAZINES! ganguro egg kogal. . .^^ 
02:12am 02/12/2005
  crossposted everywhere. . .dear mods of communities if i make an error or violate a rules please let me know and ill fix it^^ thank you!~namie

Due to my recent medical conditions and lack of insurance I need to raise money for my medical needs so I am forced to start selling my fashion magazines and gyaru stuffs.
Tonight I start with my magazines. Tomorrow I will list gyaru stuffs.
All of these are fashion magazines except iMode which is mobile phones.

If you are interested in the condition or images please let me know.
If you are curious how I am as a seller, check my Ebay feedback [note: this is shared with other family members, but we have no negatives!] http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=buriteri&ssPageName=STRK:ME:UFS