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{SALE} Ganguro!Cheki

Elegance and Wild Style mix, together, for a lovely explosion of GANGURO style! This is the perfect example of how diverse the style is.
You can have bright-colored, childrens characters on while you play in the sun, today, and tomorrow, ladylike earrings to shimmer by candlelight.
Manba? YES! Hime-gyaru? YES!
Pick a style, or pick both. Buy one or all! These items can be the appetizer that brings everyone in to drool over the rest of your look.

Oh, do hurry! This auction ends MONDAY!! At that time, I will pass them to beautiful people that live in my city.
Oh, but none of them are as beautiful as you. That bone-structure! Those eyes! That come-hither stare!!! You make my heart flutter, baby. You deserve these things. Not them.
Psshaw on them. They are not a sexy princess, like you.

Your majesty, your links:

Oh, and, hey:
While I was being serious about giving them away if they don't sell. ((I'm not gonna pay Ebay a billion times for something that won't sell!)) I must say that if you buy these items, there will be more pooh accessories and earrings available. I ordered "samples", this time, but I can get Lots, in the future. I will NOT, however, get more than three of anything I sell. I want my customers to be original as well as beautiful. You deserve it, I think! ^.^

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